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Episode 2 Preview

Preview for episode 2, coming October 10th.

Deceit looks differently for everyone. This week we visit John's home, and follow Jori as she discovers the first clue of who John really is. We also discover that Lawrence's motiv...

Episode 3 Preview

Episode 3 coming October 24th.

Lawrence makes a confession in hopes of gaining Jori's trust, Jori's intuition begins to border on insanity, and Dora's knowledge of gothic literature comes in handy. Plus, a stres...

The news of the fire is spreading, and Jori has retreated back to her old life. But normal isn't as in reach as it once was. Plus, a mysterious call saves Jori's life. 

Episode 5 - Dead & Gone

"There's few things as terrifying as the moment you realize you aren't alone. And may never have been." Jori and Lawrence lay their cards on the table, and Dora puts the final piec...

Episode 6 - Hide & Seek

Jori and Lawrence are in the tunnel - but where does it end? And are they prepared for what they find? Lies don't make good foundations, and madmen don't make easy witnesses. Plus,...

Harker is in mourning, but Jori has other things on her mind. 

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